EvenTeak® veneer

Above you see an example of quartered EvenTeak® veneer. If you are interested in this re-cut product, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Characteristics of EvenTeak® veneer

Latin name:

Tectona grandis L. f., Fam. Verbenaceae

Other names:

Sagwan, Kyun, Jati, Tek, May Sak


homogenious structure, very resistant against insects and decay, surface slightly oily. EvenTeak®is available in 5 thicknesses from 0.5-2.5mm, falling widths 40-47cm, lengths 260-310cm

Wood color:

dark yellow when first cut, darkening to deep brown under exposure to light, dark olive brown to black stripes,


Thailand/ Teak grown on sustainably managed plantations


for furnitures, interior and outdoor applications, esp. boat interiors

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