Vavona burl

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Characteristics of Vavona burl

Latin name:

Vavona = Sequoia sempervirens; Fam. Cupressaceae

Other names:

Redwood burl, Lupe de Vavona, Loupe de Vavone


burl is the root of the Mammoth tree (also called Redwood tree), which often has an enormous size, two forms are created: the lace form which is the actually burly wood and the bird´s eye form, which developes fine, darkly eyelike spots over the surface, Vavona burl is very exclusive, veneers have an exotic look, very slow drying, sharpest tools and greatest care necessary for slicing as the wood is relatively fragile, polished surface recommended to pronounce the woods texture

Wood color:

deep, dark red tones


coastal region of Northern California and Southern Oregon


high class interior design, furnitures

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