Pepper burl veneer

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Characteristics of Pepper burl veneer

Latin name:

Peruvian Pepper Tree = lat. Schinus Molle; Fam. Anacardiaceae

Other names:

Peruvian Peppertree, American Pepper, Californian Peppertree, Escobilla, False Pepper, Pimenteira


resinous, heavy and hard wood with fine texture, only the trees butt can be used for burl veneers, which are very decorative and often show a great varity of eye or swirl effects

Wood color:

fascinating mixture of shades from yellowish to salmon pink, green to light golden brown with irregular brown to grey black veining


evergreen, drought tolerant tree which is native in Mexico, Central America up to Peruvian Andean deserts, Central Chile and Central Argentina, today also found in Southern Europe, South Africa, Southern USA and Australia


medicinal purposes, inlays, high class furniture and interior design

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