Iroko veneer

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Characteristics of Iroko veneer

Latin name:

Milicia excelsa ; Fam. Moraceae

Other names:

Kambala, Odum, Odoum, Chamfutu, Abang, Bang, Amoreia, Semli, Rokko, Lusanga, Morera, Mvule


very durable, weatherproof, tough and dense hardwood, highly resistant to acids and bases, suitable for slicing, but difficult to work (cross-grain)

Wood color:

yellowish white sapwood, heartwood yellow brown to golden orange to dark brown, slightly interlocked


Savannas and tropical rainforests of West-, East- and Central Africa: Cameroon, Congo, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Tansania, Uganda


wagon and ship building, furniture, stairs, parquet, windows, can replace Oak and Teak

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