African Lacewood veneer

Above you see an example of African Lacewood veneer (Ceiba Veneer). If you are interested in this wood, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Characteristics of African Lacewood veneer


tough and strong, fast and easy growing wood, fine to coarse texture, straight grain, but also interlocked/ irregular with nice glance, suitable for bleaching and dying, easily workable with machinery, but demanding when worked by hand

Wood color:

not clearly demarked sapwood and heartwood in whitish to yellowish color, under exposure to light darkening to grayish beige often with irregular dark markings


tropical dense forests of West, Central and parts of East Africa, from Ivory Coast to Sudan up to Angola and Tanzania


good general wood for many purposes, f.e. for floorings, furnitures, joinery, tool handles, all kinds of constructions, boat building ...

Video African Lacewood veneer

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